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    Recently my Treo 700p and only periodically gets the LED on the front at the top stuck flashing amber. Does anyone know what this means? I cannot find any information in the manual, etc.
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    On my 700P it happens when my coverage roams to "Extended Coverage". The amber light comes on periodically- I presume the phone is trying to locate the primary network instead of roaming. When it gets back to Verizon Wireless, it stops.
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    It flashes amber when you're out of coverage.
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    And for some weird reason its not that you can use Butler to reset the LED light... I get that to and im not out of area... I use the reset led feature in butler and viola!
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    ok out of coverage for what??!?!? It's got full signal. GPS locator is on. And for some reason EVDO symbol is on also. Very weird. I called Sprint tech support and they told me it meant there was an Amber Alert you know the one for lost children. Last time that was not the case.
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    Called Sprint Tech Support they said see Palm solution # 38432. But he thinks there is a bug since the phone's LED never clears. I was still able to make calls, etc. and the phone still flashes amber.

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