I am a little disappointed that I can't find one app to do the things I now need for my 650. I've started using my Treo on my motorcycle and I discovered that it doesn't ring through to a wired headset, so I got the trial for Freedom and that fixed it. Then I discovered that phone calls were sometimes hard to hear, especially at freeway speeds. There are some apps out there that will boost the volume, but none that I've found that will both boost the volume and send the incoming call ring to the headset. Then it is also nice to have the incoming calls auto-answer while I'm on the bike, Freedom does that but what I'd really like is an all-in-one app that will do all 3 of these things.

I guess I just don't want to have to buy a collection of applications to get done the relatively few things I need to do here. I'm already running pTunes, Voice Call and Mapopolis and to add onto that a conglomeration of other small apps that modify things and that just makes me worried that I'm asking for trouble.

So, what I'm looking for is 1 app that will: 1) Send the ringtone to a wired headset. 2) Auto-answer when a wired headset is plugged in. 3) Boost the call volume to the wired headset.

I don't have any problems with any other volumes, so all of the volume apps that are out there seem overpowered for my situation. I've only tried one of them so far and it required that you set the volume during each call, but what I need is something that'll hold the boosted volume setting and use it each time I'm on a call with the wired headset. Like I said, I'm a little worried about running a conglomeration of different apps just to get these few things taken care of.

Is there anyone who knows of an existing app that can do this? Or is there an enterprising programmer out there who could whip one up? It would really be nice if Freedom, which already handles 2 of the 3, could also just take care of the volume boost to the headset.