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    I am new to the treo and am looking for a good weather app. I work outside construction so this is very important to me. I need to have current condition but most of all I would like to see animated radar maps. I need to see what's coming.

    I have searched, and being new to the treo the search has become my friend. I have found apps like 4cast, xweather, and treoalarm that all have good current forcast. none did radar though. xweather was suppose to but didn't work.

    I'm not total agianst just accessing the web , but I can't find any 700p sites that will show the animated radars.

    please hook me up and tell me what you guys use and how it works for you.

    thanks, cody
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    Treoalarm has a nice little indicator of weather on it. Its freeware which is also nice. Dont get me wrong its not going to show animated weather or anything like that but its a nice little start.
  3. #3 and both work well particularly in wide mode
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    I also use Treoalarm for weather. Best site for radar is
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    I use HourlyXCast which is free (but it's a Java app, which requires Java JVM). Check this thread out. It has radar map as well (not animated though). (It's donation-ware).
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    plop this link into blazer:

    from there you can tap your region and it zooms in to it.
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    I'm using HourlyXcast, which is great. You do have to install java though, as mentioned above. This was pretty easy though.
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    I use 4 Cast. Actually, I just bought it a couple of days ago.

    I was really against buying a weather app. I just felt you could use Blazer and check weather on the web and why buy such a thing.

    I have to admit I really like 4 Cast. It logs in each morning automatically and gets the weather and has lots of other related info. I'd give it a try (use the trial period) and then decide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2 View Post
    plop this link into blazer:

    from there you can tap your region and it zooms in to it.
    That weather map is pretty cool!

    I have 4cast as well. It also works as a plugin to the "Today" page on Datebk 6, which is pretty nifty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dipster View Post and both work well particularly in wide mode
    Mobile Weather Underground for the win. I have two of my little shortcut boxes setup. One as weather with a link to the local forecast, and the other as the local animated radar. I work doing outdoor events during the summer. It has saved my bacon a couple times this season.
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    xWeather will display radar. And you can choose the radar site you want to use if you want to customize it or you can choose the default.

    You can also choose the source for current and forecasting-NOAA or Yahoo.
    The default radar, satillite use NOAA.

    Give it another look.
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    Use you get everything and it works well with blazer.
    Device -> 700p
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    Mobile wunderground is fantastic! And it is free as well! If you don't mind bookmarking your local weather page (you just input it once) mobile wunderground gives an incredible amount of detail including forecasts for 7 days, current conditions, national weather service advisories.

    I would rate 2nd the Weather Channel link on the new Palm Mobile home page.
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    why use anything else if you have on demand preinstall in your treo. Weather forcast FREEEE
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    You don't need to use any special link, just go to and you will get the mobile page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrIbe View Post
    Treoalarm has a nice little indicator of weather on it. Its freeware which is also nice.
    TreoAlarm is freeware? Where can I find the free version?
    It is also being sold at for a lot of money.
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    You can't go wrong with 4Cast...
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    Say what you will...but I like On Demand's weather app...and here's why:

    I can identify all of the cities I am going to be traveling to, set them up in On Demand and then update all of them at once. I have also set up tap-macros in conjunction with VoiceNavIt so I can just say, "Weather" or "Weather-Seattle" or whatever city I have defined into my handset and it automagically goes out and gets me the current weather for that city.

    This is the only useful piece of On Demand (IMHO) but it is really good at what it does.

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    On demand has radar and its free i deleted everything other thing on demand but the Showtimes,and Weather,
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    On Demand

    And yes they're all free.
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