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    I use UltraSoft Money and I use it to synch with MS Money. I recently formatted my hdd after backing up my MS Money data file. Once installed again it of course, couldn't synch anymore because 'this handheld has been synched with another computer'. During each synch, there is something evidently written to some file somewhere on the desktop like a signature that tells the next hotsynch which transactions are new and which are old. These files are gone forever.

    Does anyone know how to revive this union between the two pieces of software without losing any data? Keep in mind that I NEVER enter data into the desktop. Only in the handheld. The only way data EVER gets into the MS Money is thru a hotsynch. Basically I want to use the option "Handheld Overwrites Desktop" but... oops... That option isn't available. Also, does anyone know what other desktop files I need to backup next time I format? I hope it's not some crazy registry entries...

    UltraSoft Support has proven useless in this matter as I evidently cannot get them to understand the question.


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    Can you backup the Visor with a backup module, sync, then restore and sync again?
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    Well isn't that an interesting idea.... I'll have to ponder that one for a moment.. It sounds like it may work. I suppose what harm would it do if I have a backup on the module anyway. None.

    Thanks for the suggestion,

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    I am sorry, I really wish I could help. I have used this program for some time and think it has to be one of the best on the market.

    But, I stopped using it. The company UltraSoft is so concerned about the security of the program and distribution that is made me very angry.

    I purchased the file from them. A couple weeks later, through a HD formatting, I had to redownload it. They wouldn't let me with the number because the file has already been downloaded. AND, an administrator was to be notified of the occurrence. Low and behold, they called my home and started in on my that I was giving away my license to people to download the file. I told them it was me, and they didn't believe me because the IP was different.

    To make a very long story short... I wish the company owners would relax a little and maybe enjoy their success of the program.
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    I haven't had problems with US Money at all, though I haven't had to reformat, etc. My problem is with that POS Microsoft Money 2001 program - I haven't had an accurate balance on my checking for months now because MS Money has a phantom entry that gets added in only when I try to show just the unreconciled transactions; showing all transactions yields the right balance, but naturally the wrong balance is what shows up on my VDX in US Money. I FINALLY found something remotely related to this issue on their website, but it was from six months ago and was reportedly fixed by their internet upgrade process. BS. Sound familiar to anyone, or is it because I've cursed Bill Gates one too many times while my PC reboots thrice daily?
    "So God created evil so that we'd all be really impressed when he fixed it? Sounds like Microsoft."
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    timmins: The problem you are having is with downloading the program? I think ANYONE can download the Solo Edition (which cannot do hotsyncs) but once it's installed you can enter your reg code and suddenly you have the Pocket Edition (which can hotsync). Just download, install, and reregister. Unless your problem is with obtaining you registration code. They do look a little sticky in that area. Usually websites have a place to stick in you email addy and they'll send your reg info to you but I think you have to email these guys and then they all sit around and determine if you are worthy or not. Yeah they are a touch anal. It's a shame that these types of companies let piracy ruin the whole software experience for us legit users.

    If you did pay money to them to register the product then do not give up. It's making me angry just thinking about it.


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    Time to go to BeOS! (

    Sorry for the plug. Speaking of MS Money, I quit "upgrading" after v99 because of all the new bus/features they kept introducing.

    Question: does anyone use Quicken? Does that sync with the Visor?
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    Sorry, couldn't resist ;-) I'll have to look into that, though by nature I am more for bringing things down from within rather than direct rebellion...

    Anyway, I have heard of PocketQuicken, though the impression I got was that it was somehow limited in its sync capabilities, or more accurately, it only read data from the PC, but wouldn't upload anything. Have I stepped on anyone's toes with bad information? I'd love to know because MS Money is really that bad.
    "So God created evil so that we'd all be really impressed when he fixed it? Sounds like Microsoft."
    - ****-richardson

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