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    When, on one hand, Verizon has such superb service and customer service (for the areas I live anyway) it seems obvious and a real shame that they just don't give a damn about their "Treo using customer" when every other carrier out there has released updaters for the 650, and they have not.

    Verizon Treo 650's have awful bluetooth service and ridiculous menu layouts (completely non-intuitive) compared to Cingular, Sprint and T-Mobile.

    In Key West, FL I had a Cingular Treo 650 (GSM), it was crap until November of '05, when they released their updater that enabled Bluetooth... now their service still sucks down there, but Bluetooth at least works the way it's supposed to... in it's limited Palm non-voice-command kind of way.

    Verizon's service has always been fantastic in the Keys and the only service that works reliably in Watkins Glen, NY but having to continually manually activate the BT headset, (which 30% of the time won't work) has me on the verge of looking at the dreaded "sPrInt pCs" blood curdling scream in the background.
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    Verizon has always been stingy on features (i.e. the Bluetooth crippling of the v710, and they still don't allow MP3 ringtones on Razrs) and so I'm not too hopeful.

    I use Sprint PCS and have never had a problem; until recently I couldn't use a GSM service because my hearing aid wasn't GSM compatible (any GSM phone would produce a loud and intolerable buzz), but now that I have a new hearing aid that doesn't care, Cingular (which has a good reputation, and does not cripple phones) is a possibility. If Cingular ever has a PalmOS Treo that has a fully working Bluetooth that works with BluePhoneElite so I can see when I get a call (visual on-screen alert on Macs), I'll switch to them.
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    I recently purchased a Treo that is Earthlink Wireless however I have been entertaining going ahead and activating my Treo. Although I love Verizon for its Customer Service...when my contract ends next year, this could be a deciding factor, I don't want to pay $$$$ for a treo that isnt stable and with update that aren't available.

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