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    I'm contemplating changing from Sprint to Verizon, but I wanted to get an idea about what 700p users are paying monthly (including data fees) with Verizon.

    For Sprint, it seems that you just pay the regular wireless monthly charge (for whatever # of minutes you need), plus $15, $20 or $25 for Powervision. I'm trying to get an apples to apples comparison with Verizon plans (plus their data usage charges), though. Thanks.
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    I have the G.O.A.T. Plan. The old $85 for 2000 ATM, unlimited vision, unlimited text, unlimited mobile to mobile, and an extra line. So, when I got my 700p, I explained that I haven't been paying for vision so I don't think I should have to pay for EV-DO and they give me a $15 credit every month for my EV-DO service and and $8 credit every month for my unilimted text messages.

    So in essence, my EV-DO and text messages are free.

    Plus, why would you want to leave Sprint for Verizon
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    I would agree.. why change from sprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    I would agree.. why change from sprint?

    Because I can get a 700p for $299 while all sprint will offer me when my two year contract runs out next month is the phone for $499 ($150 rebate). Plus I get better coverage with Verizon. I'm an 8+ year customer of sprint, to boot, yet when I called a couple weeks ago, they wouldn't give me anything more than that (granted, it was before the time when my contract will run out).

    Am I crazy for wanting to save $200 on the phone from Verizon when sprint won't accomodate a 8+ year customer. I don't think so. Corporate loyalty to its customers ain't what it used to be.

    Anyway, can anyone share what their plans are (with data costs) from VERIZON?
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    You can easily go to the website and find out, but here, my gf on Verizon pays $85/month for 450 minutes+Unlimited Data + 100 text messages. IMO, that $299 will eat into itself shortly after you start a plan with VZW. If Sprint coverage is good for you, you ought to keep it.

    Also, just try retentions again after the contract expires. Many here have gotten the 700p for 399 or less. At least Sprint has a decent retentions dept, try asking Verizon for specials, I've gotten laughed at for even suggesting it (in addition to my Sprint 700p I also own a VZW phone out of contract and they call me every 2 months to try to get me to re-up).
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    I pay $40/mo for unlimited data with Verizon, plus $10 for an ungodly number of text messages, including unlimited Verizon to Verizon text messaging. My base phone rate is also around $40, no clue how many minutes - I never go over, in fact I rarely call anyone now that I can text message relatively unfettered. My monthly Verizon bill is about $90.
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    G-funk: thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I saw the VZ web site, and it looks like a base plan, plus data, would run $80-ish, but I wondered if there were any plan deals to be had like we can sometimes get with Sprint.
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    I'm on one of the older plans offerred in 2005 which covers 500 Anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends for $50/month. I add an extra line for $9.99 for my wife. I also have $44.99 for the unlimited data plan plus $5.99 for the insurance. My monthly bill INCLUDING tax is around $116.

    I noticed that VZW now offers voice and data bundles which should be a bit cheaper than what I'm paying.

    Good luck in your decision.
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    I have looked at VZW and Cingular before - the biggest difference is the data plan. Calling plans are pretty close - but data seems to be the biggest difference as pointed out by webdc. Unlimited EVDO w/o Picture Mail is $15 at Sprint vs. $45 for VZW. That's $360 difference for 12 months - so that eats into that $200 savings pretty quick. Keep calling rententions until you get somebody that'll help you. Also - try this direct CS #866-306-7056 - that is CS "Red Line" in OK - not India. I would also try eCare - I seem to get just about everything I ask for via an email to them.
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    Sprint users can roam on Verizon's network.
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    If your trying to a $100 or $200 on the 700 by buying it from Verizon, good luck because the money you are going to save on the Treo they are going to get it back 10 fold just on their plans alone. I have been a Sprint customer for over 7 years and to this day i dont think i found another provider with better and cheaper plans, thats just my opinion, if your going for coverage then try verizon, but they are both cdma and i think Sprint roams on Verizon, and now sprint does not charge roaming fees. i think Verizon plans are highway robbery.
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    Yea, there's no reason to leave Sprint for Verizon. What you save on the phone you are going to pay more with Verizon's crazy bills. Stick with Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi View Post
    Sprint users can roam on Verizon's network.

    Pretty sure Not data Yet?

    I changed from Sprint to verizon 2 wks ago even though pay more it worth it for the coverage in my area.

    May be crazy but it seems to be not the same signal "strength" when roaming as being on the verizon network .

    I have verizon and no issues talking , data etc all around my house etc. when i had sprint and I was roaming, could only talk in one section of my backyard?

    Also when I drive to pick up my daughter i can be on the phone all the way there no issues with when sprint "roaming" the call drops 100 yds up the road.

    *Also using the lastest PRL updates

    (I am not in out of the way place i live in Nth NJ)
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    I have both 700p from Sprint and 700w from VZW. And here is my plan and last bill:

    Sprint : 400 min F&F plan $ 34.99
    Unlimited data (PV) $15
    500 SMS (just email them) $ 0
    Taxes & Fee $ 4.38
    Total bill: $59.37

    VZW Treo bundle $79.99
    2000 SMS (call and ask) $0
    Taxes & Fee $ 8.78
    Total bill: $88.77

    so my Sprint's bill is $30 less than VZW's bill for about the same plan, over here where I live Sprint and VZW have about the same coverage so if I have to choose I'd go with Sprint anyday (work pay for my VZW bill). All depend on coverage where you are IMHO.
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    I was a loyal Sprint customer on my 600 until they were unable to supply me with a 700p the first day of release and Verizon did. Even though I pay a lot more now I am incredibly happy with the change. I had forgotten what it was like to have your phone work whenever you need it. My 700p also roams on data (1xrt) while in Canada which Sprint was never able to do. I think it's great that Sprint offers affordable unlimited data plans, and on my 600 the data often worked when the signal was too weak for voice. But it is a phone after all and in my experience Verizon service is far superior to Sprint.
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    a few of the posts bring up the most critical point in choosing a plan, IMO - who provides you with the best coverage. First and foremost, if you can't get a good signal, then it does not matter how cheap the plan is. For me, Sprint is good where I live and work as well as just about every place I travel (including the freaking middle on nowhere in NE).
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    Verizon - Paid $200 for the 700P.
    1350 Anytime Minutes 79.99 - 17% corp discount = $66.39
    Unlimited Night & Weekends
    Unlimited Data 44.99 - 20% discount = $35.99
    TEC Insurance = $5.99
    250 MSG Camera = $5.00
    Total before taxes/gov surcharges/fees = $113.37

    yuyjust- How did you get the 2000 SMS for $0 from Verizon???
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    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish View Post
    I would agree.. why change from sprint?
    because coverage with Sprint does not compare with Verizon on a wide scale. for a person that travels a lot, this is a non-arguement. i, and a friend of mine, travel often for paintball tournaments, and for other business reasons. we both have Verizon and never have an issue making calls or receiving calls. coverage is always good. we do know and run into a lot of people with Sprint, and in about half the locations we go to, Sprint's coverage is either poor or non-existent. of course, as said above, if coverage is good for the places you go to, then there is no reason to change, as Verizon is a little more expensive than Sprint. But if coverage is an issue for you, then changing may be more attractive to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProMed View Post
    Verizon - Paid $200 for the 700P.
    1350 Anytime Minutes 79.99 - 17% corp discount = $66.39
    Unlimited Night & Weekends
    Unlimited Data 44.99 - 20% discount = $35.99
    TEC Insurance = $5.99
    250 MSG Camera = $5.00
    Total before taxes/gov surcharges/fees = $113.37

    yuyjust- How did you get the 2000 SMS for $0 from Verizon???
    how do you get the 20% discount? I get the 17% corp on the minutes, but...
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    I just don't get why people ask these questions.... there is a website that has the rates. I swear there on there. If someone else has a old plan cheaper you really think you can get it? good luck. It really puzzles me with some of the obvious questions that are asked.
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