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    I've been syncing to outlook & my win2k pc at work for nearly a year and Palm Desktop & powerbook with OS 9 at home. Recently, I wanted to try the Easysync package so that I could sync to our office Lotus Notes system. I didn't like most of the Easysync features that much but was hoping to get to a single mail/calendar system. I wasn't very impressed and want to go back to Outlook or Palm Desktop on the PC.

    In doing so, I seem to have lost the ability to go back to my Outlook sync. I've uninstalled EasySync, reinstalled PD 3.1 with the Chapura conduits, the USB patch but nothing seems to work. When I sync now I immediately get a message that one or more applications has failed to respond to a hotsync command (error 8009).

    Online, Chapura says that Easysync creates its own databases and you can't go back without a hard reset. I'm reluctant to do that since my pc isn't syncing at all (I would still probably be able to restore MOST things via my mac). I went in and removed all the easysync databases I could find on the visor and tried turning off various combinations of conduits but couldn't find out what the problem is. The error comes up before the two units have identified each other so I'm not so sure it's even a software problem at this point.
    Has anyone else had a problem like this and/or have any tips?
    I have to say that I'm not very impressed with EasySync now and will probably drop it altogether or maybe all but the mail function when I get things fixed. Be careful with it!

    p.s. sorry for the long post!
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    This is a common problem. I'm not familiar with the error message you are seeing. Most users report that the data will just not sync. You should not have to do a hard reset. Just get an application like Z'catalog and delete the 4 easysync data files. Check here for details:

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