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    I've had my Sprint 650 for almost a year, and I'm a software geek, so I know my Treo like the back of my palm... har har. Anyway, something is happening to it that I hope you folks can explain...

    It turns itself on at exactly 12:09am every single night.

    Of course, I've checked Butler, my calendar alarms, I've checked my trial version of TreoAlarm, I've done everything. No alarms set for 12:09am.

    It doesn't do anything but turn the screen and keyboard on. Any ideas?
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    Versamail will turn the Treo on in the manner in which you describe...
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    yeah mine does the same. I thought it was versamail too since I have it sync every hour. But I also set it to sync between 8am-9pm, so why would it turn on at midnite?
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    I haven't got Versamail doing anything without me initiating it... I don't even know if it's capable. Besides, I've been using Versamail since I got the thing, and this just started a couple of weeks ago...

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