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    Hi all,

    I am trying to install TiddlyWiki on my treo for personnal use. It is a plain html file packed with javascript so you can create your own wiki as you want and as you go. Pretty interesting, but that's another subject.

    I loaded the file on my SD Card, then pointed Blazer to file:///Tiddly/tiddly.html. The file loaded, and then nothing happened.

    I checked in my prefs to see if Javascript was disabled; no, it's good to go.

    I then tried loading the real web site: . Blazer downloads the file, and then nothing, empty screen.

    Does anybody know of a browser that will work with this site? Or does anybody know of a workaround?

    BTW, I didn't try OperaMini because I don't have it installed.

    Any suggestions/ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.
    - Jeeman
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    - Jeeman
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    Can Blazer even save the files back, or are you wanting to just view the site in a static fashion and update it from the big PC?

    Honestly doesn't surprize me that Blazer doesn't render it right, it's quite a bit of Javascript and CSS.

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