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    I just started exploring the options of installing some Desk Accessory programs on my 700p. I guess I am looking for some feed back on some good DA hacks, and a good launcher to launch them. Of course I am looking for DA's that are compatible on the 700P.

    If any of you folks in the community have some great DA's that you could suggest, I would appreciate the feed back. After reading some of the threads it appears that some of you folks are using these tools, successfully, and I am looking for some good suggestions.
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    I have hi launcher, and besides apps it also launchs DAs natively. some useful DAs I have are:

    screendumpDA - takes screen shots and saves them to the card in .bmp format. I like this better than snap because its simple and I don't have to assign a hardkey for it.

    netconnect - connect/dis connect from vision network with one key press.

    melodyDA - a mini piano

    DBcacheDA - the companion DA with dbcachetool that allows easy cleaning of the memory cache.

    I have quite a few more(about 20), but these are my main DAs that I use most often( now with the new option in rescobackup dbcacheda is not needed).
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    Thanks, I would love to hear from others re: what is working and not working on the 700p. Also what their favorite DA's are. I was thinking about using McPhling as my launcher. I am currently using resetnetlib hard-coded to a button to disconnect from the Data Network, but if I could get that button back and set it up with the launcher and netconnect, already I have gained some efficiency.
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