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    I think I am being scammed or having minutes somehow stolen from me as I have not changed my calling habits and went from 1200 max minutes per month calling (average 700-800) up to 2400 minutes in one month. A charge of $450 has me very concerned, as well as this month totalling over 2000 minutes! Even after cutting back dramatically.

    How can I track my minutes? The built in system does not work if you recall a number, as far as I can tell. It shows a total count of 153 minutes over a few months.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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    Minutes Plus is a freeware program that works pretty well for my Sprint 650 - not perfect, but within about 10 minutes/mo based on about 1000 minutes of usage. It'll at least keep you in the ballpark. Rick also does the Directory Assistance program and he accepts donations!
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    I agree with bubbatex that Minutes Plus is an excellent, reliable program. Using for several months with no problems (I should mention that it DOES NOT track data minutes, just voice minutes).
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    yep, I believe the only difference is the mix up between M2M and Incoming during Peak. If someone calls me on a Sprint or Nextel phone and I do not have them loaded in as a M2M caller, Minutes Plus adds that to regular incoming minutes. But, like I said, it does a good job of keeping you in the ballpark!

    BTW - I also loaded Shadowmite's Phone SPCS.prc program that adds call duration totals as well as tracks total calling minutes per month. It is not even close on totals per month - but I still like the ability to track the duration of each call.
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    I also agree, Minutes Plus is the way to go. the site listed in the "about" page is
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