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    I have a Dell Inspiron with built-in bluetooth. I have followed all of the instructions for setting up a serial port and the Treo 650 to hotsync, but it can't connect.

    I am guessing that it's because I cannot fully pair the Treo with the bluetooth card. When I try to pair the Treo with the notebook, the bluetooth software on the conputer says, "Services requiring registration were not found in the bluetooth settings. The specified device provides the following services: file transfers (FTP), object push (OPP), and imaging (BIP)." It does this on the notebook side of the connection. The Treo appears to connect wihen trying to pair, but the Laptop only allows manual file transfers. I have the notebook settings to discoverable.

    Can anyone tell me what to try???
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    Without starting the Dell BT application try going into the Treo BT setup. Go into Setup Devices and follow the instructions for HotSync Setup. I know I first set up a virtual serial port on my PC (A Dell D620, I believe) and then just ran the BT setup on the phone. It has been a while since I did it and I remember it being confusing but it does work. I much prefer to sync this way than with a cable. My BT serial/comm ports are COM6 and COM7. I had to set up the Sync Manager on the laptop to use COM7 for everything to finally work.

    Sorry I don't have a more detailed description. I don't have the laptop with me right now and I can't remember all the steps off hand.

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