Our server had a RAID crash and all Exchange Accounts had to be recreated then data restored to the new accounts. In the process the GUID for each username in Exchange was changed, but it remains the same as the old one on my TREO. When I attempt a HOTSYNC it does not do it.

Here is the error I get in the log. (same for all Exchange modules)

The selected source folder [Mailbox - NOM de PLUME\Contacts] was not found in Outlook. Synchronization will be performed with the default source folder [Mailbox - NOM de PLUME\Contacts].
OLERR:11-0003 (0xa3040201)
- Not Synchronized
Outlook Contacts synchronization failed

Is there anyway to edit the GUID of my HOTSYNC ID?

Tech support suggested deleting my HOTSYNC ID and creating anew one. I have a number of apps and data locally so do not want to loose that.

Any suggestions for a fix would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike