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    is anyone else having problems connecting? i keep receiving messages but it will not let me connect to any of the services.. pdaapps are not responding to my emails as well.
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    yea, I have that same problem. It won't let me connect saying unable to connect to aim proxy server on my 650. What is up with pdaapps? I liked verichat, but it ain't worth the drama when renewel comes up in a couple of months. I can't connect for the last couple of days.
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    I have had the same problem, and their only email back to me was try doing a soft reset. WOW, I never THOUGHT of THAT. They have the worse customer service I have ever seen. I'll just wait it out
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    I am having the same problem, and have been for several days. I have tried a soft reset which did nothing. I am getting the "unable to connect to AIM proxy" message.
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    I had the same problem, but it's fine this morning.
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    Yes, I was able to log in fine today also.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Every once in a while one or more services will go down in Verichat. Usually if you wait a while it will become available again soon. Not a great answer I know, but so far I haven't found anything better.
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    If you are having that big of a problem - reinstall!

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