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    My regular speaker (not the one for speaker phone ) stopped working. If I use an earpeace everything works. Could I have blown the speaker? How do I know and what can I do.
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    I have the same problem....anyone have any advice?
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    Mine just went out Friday. I was lucky and had only had mine for 11 months, so it looks as if it is under warranty. Cingular ran me through tests which included keying in a few things and looking at a dot in the battery case. One of the type in alphanumeric tests said I had a crash 3 weeks ago. I quized her on what she meant by a crash, and she never would answer the question (or didn't know). They also asked me to look at the dot in the battery case. It stays white as long as there is no water , and goes red with moisture. Mine was white. They sent me another 650. I need to send back in the old one, so they still have the ability to say it was user error (not sure how since it was sitting in my passenger seat when it stopped working), but I guess that means mine was replaced under warranty.
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    I fixed my friend's treo that had this problem. I ordered the speaker from to take it apart and swap the speakers. No soldering involved, its held by friction and the contacts press against the right points when its closed up.

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