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    I would like to uninstall ZLauncher so that I can go back to my old favorite MegaLauncher 6.1.

    I have moved 80% of my applications to the SD card. Question is do I have to move those applications back to RAM or re-install?


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    Either will work. If you have enough RAM to hold them all, I would think it easier to move them back to RAM than to reinstall them and re-enter registration keys.
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    Why the change from ZLauncher?
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    ZLauncher seems a bit heavy on my Treo. If you want to play around with settings and customize everything you will be in heaven. MegaLauncher was missing one thing that made me try ZLauncher which is moving apps to the sd card. But now it does that and from what I hear from colleauges it does it quite well in v6.1. Megalauncher was also my first experience with a launcher so I was very used to it's simple interface.

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