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    I installed the mOpean mp3 player demo on my Treo 650 (GSM unlocked) and tried to synchronize one iTunes playlist on my MacBook PRO (10.4.7). The syncing froze in the middle, with the Treo screen locking up, unplugging the treo did not help, cancel on the Treo did not help, since it was locked, so I reset the Treo, it rebooted fine with the backlight coming on during the boot, but the backlight goes off as soon as the Treo is finished booting. So I tried to delete all installed Ocean files (using FileZ), rebooting, re-installing the mOcean demo, deleting it again it still does not work, so now I have no backlight on my Treo and it makes it almost impossible to use.

    I noticed that the user manual mentioned that the screen dimms during the Sync, so it is intentional and since it froze the 1st time during the sync, some backlighting preference must have got corrupted. I'd appreciate if somethine could suggest how to restore the backlighting on the Treo. Needless to say, I don't need mOpean anymore. The company does not have a phone number and their email is supposed to get answered in 2 business days - very impressive.

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    I can't tell from your post....did you try adjusting the backlight (opt+P, up/down)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble View Post
    I can't tell from your post....did you try adjusting the backlight (opt+P, up/down)?
    Yes mOcean does this to everyone and it scares the heck out of most until you think about it a second.

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