It looks as though my Treo 700p (through Verizon) has suddenly died. No power (plugged/unplugged into power adapter), no charge, no response to hard reset. I plan to take it in for a new one today and have a security concern. Without the ability to access the functions of the unit, how can I assure that all of my personal data is wiped clean? Granted, if the unit is dead, this should not be a concern. However, it could be accessed depending on what the fix is and I just happened to have temporarily disabled the password while doing allot of data entry.

My paranoia comes from a phone that I turned into Alltel a few years ago. I was told that all of my data was inaccessible and would be wiped as a matter of routine. A few months later, someone called and said that they had found my phone in the street. Sure enough, it was the exact unit that I had turned in. It had been turned into a loaner for customers with all of my personal data still in it!

So, it there a technical way to take care of my concern or do I need to stomp on the damn thing and turn it in as a damaged phone?

“Technological change is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” (Albert Einstein, 1941),
Dr. Z.