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    hey I want to leam how to create some song. so I was wondering if there were any free programs that let you create alarms or cell phone rings or just cool midi sounds??

    My graphite Visor Deluxe is looking so sexy right now.

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    hey, music lover, how are ya? I was thinking pretty much same thing, and even now as well.

    check out somewhere like palmgearHQ, in the software section. There are some sequence softs, and I think one was something to do with alarm... I got to go back and check that out by myself, too. forgive me if I was wrong...

    one of the soft called theremini sounds pretty cool(they say when you connect Palm and any MIDI sound module, it could work as effecter/controller like Korg Kaos Pad), and if you go to minimusic site, they have software bundle which contains some of their sequence softs as well as theremini, HOWEVER; they are saying that over and over, that since visor has USB for hotsync, we can not hook it up to other MIDI devices with the cable in this sets. Good news is some Hong Kong online shop has sync cable which visor can use for MIDI hook up. they are explaining all that in their text, so take a trip there, Alright!

    why am I so happy? `cos I have a little sequencer and it would be nice to have my orange visor to enhance the sound of it, you know... people call me "one man mobile studio"
    nowadays...alright, I got to order that Hong Kong cable...

    hope you can find what you lookin for!


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