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    The wife just called to say she's lost her Sprint Treo 650. We've always opted for the insurance and it looks like we'll be using it. Is it possible to just go down to the Sprint store, tell them it has been lost and get it replaced, or do the stores only handly broken units? We have a newborn on our hands and I'd rather her not have to wait for a new phone to be shipped out to her.

    Also - anyone know if it's worth it to fix my phone myself (multiple scratches and bruises from bumping up against the knife in my pocket, vehicle bail-out exercises on gravel and now lost volume buttons) or would Sprint refurb it for me at a charge?
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    Sprint will not handle lost phones. you will have to go through Lockline and they will ship you a refurb phone.

    As for your phone. I don't think Sprint will refurb at all, but you can try.
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    I have seen worse, just make sure you tell them there is a software problem on the phone and they will replace it.

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