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    Hi everybody,

    The Vodafone Italy e-mail service ( allows to set up a notification by SMS upon reception of a new message. This was quite handy because from the content of this SMS message you could already see the sender and the subject of the e-mail, so in many cases it was possible to judge whether or not to read the mail etc etc.

    Recently Vodafone has upgraded their e-mail application and in consequence it was necessary to re-enable the SMS notification. However, I have the feeling that these messages are somewhat ill-formatted - here is what happens on my Treo 650:

    - I get the flashing asterisk in the top left corner.
    - In the phone application (dial pad) I do NOT get the small message icon under the carrier ID (I get this for other SMSs though)
    - Opening the SMS application, I do not see the new message (I would for 'normal' SMSs, in bold)
    - Clicking on the asterisk, the first few words of the e-mail notification ("Vodafone. Hai ricevuto 1 nuova e-mail ...") are displayed.
    - Checking the check box, the message disappears ... but no SMS
    - Clicking on the message, the alert application closes, and I get another alert ... again the flashing asterisk - clicking on the latter, there is one alert which just says 'Unknown'.

    Occassionaly, I get a notification from Vodafone (again as above) that I missed,say, 4 SMSs.

    I admit that I have not yet tried to call Vodafone support, but as my Treo is unbranded (and they hardly know it), I guess that without some hints they won't be able to help... so anybody having an idea here what the problem is ?

    Many thanks again + greetings from Rome, Jurgen

    Let me just add this: Clicking on the 'Unknown' alert, I get another 'Unknown' alert ... and at some point an alert saying '2 new text messages have arrived' - but of course there aren't any
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    I had the same problem. I went back to Wind and have not had any issues.

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