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    Hi guys,

    I have been using Versamail 3.1 quite happily with my Vodafone (Italy) e-mail account for several months.

    Since a few weeks, however, I am no longer able to read my mail.After 'Connecting to mail server ...' I get the error message -ERR[AUTH] invalid user or password.

    I am quite sure that this malfunction coincided with a change of the Vodafone Portal and their e-mail service; anyway, the settings that used to work (and which I haven't changed) do not work any longer.
    [I have since then also a problem with the SMS notification ... see extra thread]

    I spoke with Vodafone support who recommended to check the settings according to what they say on their web site. Did that (well, they hadn't changed actually). Created a new account. It still does not work.

    Funny enough, though, I can send messages ... No comment.

    I don't think that it is much of use to call Vodafone support again without having an idea what the problem could be - so anybody here who had a similar experience ? What else can I try ?

    Would upgrading to a later version of Versamail or using another e-mail app solve the problem ?

    Many thanks in advance for suggestions - Jurgen

    EDIT: A password change solved the problem
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