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    As the poster boy for cell phone abuse I need a really robust way to protect my Treo investment.

    I currently us a Smartphone Experts S700 skin case with a Seidio Skinned Shield Holster.

    The problem I’m having is even though the holster is supposed to work with a skinned Treo it doesn’t hold it tight enough thus allowing my Treo to tumble to the ground several times a day on bad days. On the bright side the skin does an excellent job of protecting all but the antenna from this abuse.

    One good thing with this combination is I can remove the skinned Treo from the holster and place it directly into a vehicle mount without having to remove the skin. This would be a definite plus for my next attempt at protecting my Treo.

    It would also be nice to have something to hold the SD card in place. I can’t believe I haven’t lost it yet. I also can’t believe some of the places I’ve found it.

    I was looking at this combination from Speck Products. Does anyone know if the Treo is held more securely then it is with the Seidio holster?

    Metal cases?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I purchased the Skin Grip Case, but i wasn't totally happy with it.

    The center strip that covers the 5 way navigator etc never lined up. It was better with the screen shield, but i found that to be very annoying, as i use the on screen button to send text messages a lot. Plus, it made the Treo huge. I never had a problem with the case falling out though, seemed very stable, although the plastic didn't seem as sturdy as the Seido Shield.

    I really like the shield, but it doesn't work with any skin or stickers that fit over the sides. I tried the Egrips, that i liked alot, but the holster made it peel. I've got the same condern for the Invisible shield, which was something else i was interested in.

    Maybe the more rugged version of the specktight you were looking at will perform better... i'm just cautios of spending another $30 for something that's almost the same as what i had bad expieriences with.

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