I had such a great experience receiving support from a developer over the last few days that I wanted to create a thread to offer up some shoutouts to those developers who truly stand behind their products: support, updates, features, etc.

Here's my experience, please share yours:

Normsoft / Pocket-Tunes: I had a problem with my registered deluxe version of Ptunes crashing while trying to access MP3 streams, so I decided to email support at Normsoft. I figured I'd get some canned response saying that my email had been received and that it would be assigned....blah, blah, blah. I really didn't expect a response for days, but to my surprise I received one less than two hours later. Thierry responded and asked me for the link to the site I had been trying to access. He also suggested some things to do to help pinpoint the problem. After emailing back and forth a few times Thierry decided that it may be best to have a developer look into the problem. Ok I thought, now I'll have to wait for a response! Again, I was pleasantly surprised when Dave emailed me back to advise me that the sites I had been trying to access were most likely the cause of my resets. Something about a bug in the way the .MP3s were streamed. He even accessed the sites on his PC via Winamp to test the links, in addition to testing on his 700P. My problem although not completely solved has defiinitely been addressed in a quick, professional and extremely efficient manner.

I spend over $100 a month with my cell phone provider, EVERY month for nearly 7 years and I have yet to have the level of service I've received from Normsoft over the last two days after spending just $35 one-time on a piece of software. Kudos to you Normsoft! You've really made a believer out of me.