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    I did a search for fast reader and couldn't find any solutions...

    Does anyone have a FAST card reader? By fast I mean on the order of 30MB/s or so? That would paste (or copy) 1.5GB to (from) an SD card in under a minute.

    My old cheapo eBay readers were slow as molasses, and my new SanDisk MobileMate and PNY 128 Ultimate Attache are 5-10x faster and can round-trip a 2GB SD in under 20 mins but that's still still slow by USB 2.0 standards.

    (All measured by copying 1.5GB on info to a A-Data 150x 2GB SD card):
    USB 2.0 Target 30+MB/s (not measured but theoretical)
    MobileMate/PNY 2-6 MB/s (read much faster than write) (10+minutes to copy to card, <5 to copy from)
    Other "USB 2.0" readers: <1MB/s (measured in half-hours, not minutes)

    Where are the readers that approach 30MB/s?

    USB 2.0 is supposed to max out at 480Mbps or 80 MB/s. Reading USB 2.0 FAQs on the internet, they claim you should get around 30-40MB/s with the most efficient devices and that some card readers are approaching this speed.
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    It is an obvious question, but it's got to be asked. Are you connecting the USB 2.0 Reader to a USB 2.0, 1.1 or 1.0 port on the computer? But I'm guessing a 2.0 port, because your numbers are better than mine.

    Second your card is rated at 22.5MB/sec read, 15MB/sec write. So for writing you are already at 1/2 the USB speed. Also, number of files, drive speed, and traffic will also affect your copy speeds.

    I'd be thrilled at 8mb/sec write or 1.5 gig in 3-4 minutes.

    I don't have a 150x smaller card to test with and 4gb cards are much slower. With my 4gb card, It takes about 32 minutes to write and 23 minutes to read with over 1036 files totaling 3.71(3,992,000,000 bytes). Those numbers are with a $3.00 reader I picked up here

    I guess this is a long way of saying, I don't know of any reader that will come near 30MB/sec with the currenly available media. But I sure would like to have one.
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    Thanks for the reply Meinken. I have a crop of those $3 readers lying around, and they are no match for the SanDisk and PNY I picked up to try this afternoon.
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