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    MGI has released imagine software for Palm OS called MGI PhotoSuite Mobile Edition. It provides a slick Winxx interface and allows you to transfer images to the install app in either 4 or 16 shade greyscale, 256 or 16k color. It also allows you to view video clips.

    I downloaded it for a free 14-day trial, not that I need another photo viewing app on my Visor. To be blunt, I was not overly impressed. Sure it gives you thumbnail views of your photos, but I can get better images using AlbumToGo because it displays the images in 16 shades of grey as the software writes directly to the hardware. It seems that MGI PSME can't display 16 shades on a VDx because although I sent photos to the installer in 16 shades they still appeared in the greyscale native to the VDx. I guess you must have a Platinum to see images in 16 shades.

    Video clips were not much better. As with the photos, the more current your hardware and software the better video will look as you can display more greys. I can also think of other third party software that will give me better lookin video. ActiveSky comes to mind.

    Far as this from a review, I just wanted to give readers an idea of what the software was like. It does have some nice features, including the ability to convert 5 different photo files and 3 different video files, thumbnails, and the ability to set color depth.
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    I agree that the software package was disapointing. Video have absolutely no compression either, and take up enormous amounts of space.

    For those who would be interested in getting it though, it looks like Staples has it for free (After mail-in rebate).
    Matt Nichols
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    It also will not run from flash memory.


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