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    I've read a lot of the post on here about multiple devices and backwards compatibility but I just want to ask the question to make sure this works.
    With v1.1, you can only connect one bluetooth device at a time, correct?
    With v1.2, you can connect multiple (4?) devices at a time so you can use your earpiece with a bluetooth GPS at the same time, correct?
    Now, the question I have is can you use multiple devices of different generations or do the multiple devices all have to be 1.2? Can I use a Holux 1.1 bluetooth GPS while using a 1.2 earpiece?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Actually, Bluetooth 1.x only supports one device at a time. Bluetooth 2.x supports more than one device, but I don't believe at the same time. For example, Bluetooth 2.x headets can be paired to two devices.

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    Forgive my bluetooth ignorance.

    Does this mean that my Treo 700Wx can only handle one bt device at a time?

    (i.e., if I'm using a bt headset, I can't talk on the phone (via that set) and use my bt gps receiver at the same time?)
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    I noticed this on Palms website.

    * Have multiple connections with Bluetooth® version 1.2

    Is this wrong?
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    I thought both could handle multiple devices at a time, up to 7 simultaneously. It has nothing to do with the standard (1.1 vs 1.2) but the PalmOS bluetooth stack. The new stack with 1.2 implements multi-threaded bluetooth connections, which allows multiple simultaneous connections, but has caused a more buggy, less stable connection also.


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