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    Picked this puppy up from the TC store last week, and have been using it. Primarily I've been wearing it on the old belt at work, and that's what I bought it for. But, I've found that I really like just keeping the Treo 650 in it all the time, both because it protects the entire front of the phone, and makes it easy to stick the phone just about anywhere (e.g. front/back pocket on the outside, belt, bag, car visor, etc.). Overall, i would say this was a worthwhile purchase.

    The only downfall with this item is that if you use an SD card, which i think is practically a must on these phones, it tends to get in the way of the spring clip. It takes a little getting used to, but even now I pop the SD card out automatically. Using the spring clip with one hand also has a learning curve, but after about a week I can do it pretty smoothly. The audio switch on the top of the unit also gets in the way a bit, but nothing major.
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    I have returned mine for this reason, I had the sd card pop out and fly accross the room. I can't lose my 2 gig card.
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    Seidio is Junk!
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    Mine rarely pops out. When it does, it's because I let the clip hit it. Also, when it does pop out, it hits the clip, and usually goes back in. I have never had it fly across the room. Well, I did, just now. I didn't think they'd shoot that far, so I tried it. It went about 2 feet though.

    I kind of stopped using it recently. I got the Invisible Shield and it's a really really tight fit, to the point that it either leaves marks on the IS or is pushing it a bit on the sides. I'm going to mess around with it some more, maybe they'll adjust to each other.

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