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    I am having trouble hotsyncing 700p sprint. It is seen as an MP3 player. I have uninstalled it from my computer and no success. Any suggestions? I did a search here and nothing was found. Thank you in advance.
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    For the un-install, is the folder with your device data still in the computer? I don't know if that is the problem but you may not have deleted everything. If I remember correctly is somewhere in "My Documents" folder or Documents:Palm if using a Mac.
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    are you using win xp? if so this might help solve this issue,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(42785),ts=Palm_External2001
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    I thank everyone for their help. Tried both suggestions. Contacted Spring. Tried all their suggestions even uninstalling at the registry level. Still, I cannot hot sync and my device is still seen as an MTP player.

    Anyone else have any ideas.

    Oh, btw, I also tried and XP restore,but it did not work as I could not go back far enough I suppose.

    Again, thanks for the good tries.
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    Follow the instruction in my post here.
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    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I had numbers in place. But, I changed them anyway and it did not correct the problem. Thanks for your input. I am wondering it a complete hard drive format/reinstall of everything may be what i have to do. Yuck.
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    i had this problem and this is what worked for me..
    - device manager
    - right click on the mp3 player device or whatever it's called and select Update Driver
    - "no, not at this time" for the driver search dialog
    - install from a list or specific location
    - don't search, i will choose the driver to install
    - browser to the palm drivers.. usually at C:\Program Files\palmOne\USB_Driver
    - uncheck the "show compatible hardware" checkbox if it doesn't show up in the list
    - "Palm Handheld" should show up in the list.. select it and install..

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