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    I don't know what to do. My TREO 650 keeps hotsynch-ing. When it's finished, it immediately does it again. I've done a hard reset (several). But it kept hotsynching again and again as it restored itself. I can't afford to replace my TREO and it is way too important to me to lose right now. My whole life is on it. Please help!!! Thank you to whomever can help.
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    had the same problem a few months back...couldnt figure out how to fix it myself so I took it to Sprint and they just replaced it..

    I think what happened to mine is that the contacts that initiate the hotsync (ie, pushing the button on the cable) were shorting out somehow, initiating the hotsync process.
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    My brother's 650 fell and started doing this.
    I fiddled with it until it stopped hotsyncing. But on pressing any button, it would start all over again. Eventually, I fiddled with it again, it stopped hotsyncing and I flashed it with the latest upgrade. All has been well for several months...
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    Thanks for the help. I'm going to the Warranty Warehouse tonight to see if they will give me a new TREO. If not, I will try to take the "Upgrade" approach mentioned above. Fingers crossed.

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