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And may I ask how did you come to the conclusion that Sling and Skype won't support the POS in the near future? As a matter of fact I use Skype on POS all the time. It's not the full client but it works well for me. As for SlingBox it's ORB for now.

I think the point is that Sling and Skype have had ppc clients for quite some time now (support for PPC was announced 9 months ago for Sling, still no word about Palm yet).

Skype goes back to mid 2005 and still no mention of Palm.

It's not saying there won't ever be support, it's just that certain newer technologies are immediatlely supporting WM5 and either dragging their feet with Palm or "have no immediate plans". This seems to be a trend here and it is something to consider for some people.

This has nothing to do with superiority of one OS over another and everything to do with uncertainty of what is to come next for Palm OS...

There is a very clear roadmap for WM announced by MS which makes developers more comfortable investing money and time into new software/product support. The same cannot be said about Palm/Access.