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    Ive been waiting to purchase the treo for a while and just got it this weekend. I must say it is amazing, and meets all my expectations. I am a first time treo user and have nothing really to compare it to, but for my first smartphone I think it is amazing. Before buying it I was all over these forums learning how to do various things and different information on different apps and such, and I just wanted to thank the community here....its been very helpful... and i leanred so much.... I already installed

    -toccer - which i have found to be a very adequate aim app for free
    -minitones - great freeware that allows you to set mp3 ringtones
    - I hate how some songs skip though...but i guess that is a firmware problem

    -TCPMP - great multimedia player and also free
    -filez - still need to get the hang of it...but heard it is a must have
    -palm revolt - great mac os skin for the treo
    -kmaps - convenient free mapping program...not as customizable as i hoped

    so far my treo has been random resets...or lockups (fingers crossed)
    2 concerns I had for it was versamail with gmail and multiasking....

    honestly, once i got the treo, multitasking is completely irrelevant....i thought it was going to be such a major part of my phone use. but i dont even think 2ice to multitask..i dont know where i would multitask to

    and versamail with working great so far

    last thing i need to see is the sd card...just ordered the pqi 2 gig and hopefully there will be no mounting issues

    anyway...I just wanted to recognize the whole community here...HOLLA!
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    con grats and enjoy
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    Congrats, enjoy, and welcome to the TREO World!
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    Congrats and Welcome dezicartel!
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    And just for posting with us this afternoon, I will refer you to ANOTHER great free Palm OS product for your new Treo - Directory Assistant (DA). This is another one of those products that you can use to AMAZE your friends with the capability of your new SMART phone.
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    thanks for that keefer....let me know if there are any other great programs such as this i can continue to "pimp my treo"

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