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    After trying a ton of Bluetooth headsets for my 700p, I heartily recommend the BlueAnt X3 Micro. It pairs well with the 700p, call quality is excellent and you can mulit-pair with the headset. It is also has an extremely small form factor and is lightweight. The X3 also comes with everything you need to charge via USB port, car charger or AC charger. All of this for a price less than $50 including free shipping from
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    enagel - Have you had any issues with this headset loosing connection or not connecting? I've tried a bunch of BT headsets with the 700p and they all seem to work poor.

    I look forward to your insight regarding this headset.

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    I'm only on day 1 with the X3 headset but so far it's an enthusiastic two thumbs up. It's actually VERY loud, and I use it with two phones, and it has been working pretty well. As far as disconnects, I've seen the 700wx BT indicator go from white to blue a couple of times, but when it was blue the call still connected to the headset right away.

    The fit isn't super comfortable for me, but I have notoriously hard to fit ears. In fact, the ONLY headset that is comfortable for me is the Plantronics 640, but it disconnects all the time. I am trying a Jabra eargel with the X3, and the fit is now wonderful. The large eargels were never quite big enough to sit steadily in my ear, but the X3 stretches it out just enough to fill it out perfectly for me.

    The charging options are great. It's the same connector as the Sprint universal charger, so since I'm on Sprint and my other phone uses that charger as well, and I have 3 or 4 of them laying around, I'm in charger heaven.

    It seems that right after I answer the call, the caller can't hear me for a second after it connects. Not sure if that's just a coincidence or what, I'll test that tonight with the wifey.

    So far, I'm a big fan! 49.99 at Amazon too...
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    bwillet - Thanks for the info. I've picked up a X3 and am charging it right now. I'll post my thoughts on this headset once I have a chance to test it.

    The biggest thing for me is the loss of connection. My other phone Sanyo 8400's BT works awesome, and doesn't lose connection ever. This is how BT should work.

    I'm VERY frustrated with Palm and the poor support they are showing with this issue (as many other members of this board are as well). It's crazy that you spend say $400.00 on the device (with activation) and then need to devote countless hours and say another few hundred dollars to find a BT headset that works!

    Here's the list of headset's I've tried up to this point:

    Cardio Scala 500
    Plantronics 510 (old & new version)
    Palm Treo headset
    Plantronics 500
    Logitech (I forget what model)

    I'm ready to move to a BB soon. It's dissapointing that this device is so flakey and Palm seems slow to address it. I'm not even going into any of the other issues the device has, I'm just asking for BT to work!

    Thanks again for the info!
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    I've charged the X3 and made a few test. So far, the X3 stayed paired for over an hour without dropping the connection. I then dialed a number on the Treo and it connected very quick. My other headsets seemed to lose pairing within an hour.

    The sound quality seemed very good - But I really haven't tested it on a long call, I just tried VM a few times.

    If the X3 stays paired consistantly I think it would be a top choice for a 700 headset.

    The comfort of the headset may be an issue for some. It has an ear clip with an in-ear type piece (I can post pictures if needed). It's not uncomfortable at all, but I don't think I could use it without the ear clip.

    I'm going to try the headset with some Jabra ear gels. I think this could be a great combination.

    If anyone would like additional information please let me know.

    I'll post more info as I use the device more.
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    Volume is very loud, call quality is average, range is average and comfort is poor. Jabra eargels do NOT fit the X3 without some serious stretching and high risk of ripping the gel.

    So far, the WEP200 (with eargels) is still the undisputed king of BT headsets.
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    Nightlight - Thanks for the info. I'm going to try the WEP-200 as well so I can compaire.

    I'm pretty happy with the X3 so far. Other then the comfort needs some work, but it works the best out of the headsets I've tried so far.
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    It makes a difference which device you're using. The WEP200 worked well with my 700p, but was terrible with my 700WX. The voice quality was bad and it dropped BT connections frequently. The Blueant X3 works really well with my WX, much better than the WEP200. I haven't tested the x3 out on the 700p yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was different.

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