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    I've been a Documents to Go fan for a while -- but have always been PO'd with the fact that the typing is so darn painfully slow. It works well, however, with Word, Excel and PDF docs and is very easy to manage. I've even tried Wordsmith to see if there's an improvement - and there is with typing and formatting -- but horrible horrible support for the Mac.

    I just got notice (and I haven't yet gotten may hands on it) that Docs to Go is releasing a new 3.003 version that fixes and/or speeds up the typing problems as well as allowing for the creation of new word and Excel docs right from your Visor / palm. If this is true and it works, Docs to Go may get a lot closer to eating Wordsmiths lunch.

    Has anyone had a chance to see the new Docs to Go upgrade/beta?

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    After seeing your post I rooted around some and found that the upgrade you mentioned is available free for users of version 3.0 or greater. Here is the URL to download the upgrade to 3.003 from DataViz:

    It is also available from PlamGear at the following URL:

    I don't know if this is an upgrade or not so I am downloading from the DataViz site. Connection is slow tonight so it will be a while until I can install and see if it is an improvement.
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    I have DTG, odd that I didn't receive anything from them about the upgrade.
    Please post your impressions, I'd like to hear if you think it's worthwhile.
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    I talked w/ Data Viz this morning, it appears that they sent the wrong file to their web support, and, while it's named 3.003 it's not the new version. They are in the process of getting this corrected and should let everyone know the correct path later on today. i didn't see any announcements on the change on Visorcentral, but it was a new article with links on Visorvillage.
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    I downloaded and installed an update for the windows version last night. It shows 3.003 in the version and has at least one of the functionalities that is supposed to be in the new version, the ability to generate new documents. I do not have a keyboard so I cannot comment on improvements in speed.

    I have been using it today and noticed no real changes in its functioning, either positive or negative. I generated a "new" Word document using this new functionality and it worked great. No problems what so ever. I am glad that they added this as I will use it on business trips. Now if they would add the ability to sync with more than one computer and support for Eudora e-mail in DataViz Mail, I would really be happy!
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    When I downloaded the file it showed as 3.003. When I ran the installer I got the same message, except I noticed in the user notes on the install packet that it said 3.001. i did the install and the version on my Visor showed 3.001. It has the ability to add documents -- but that's different than creating a new one.
    Haven't heard back from DataViz yet.
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    That is very odd. The version on my Visor is 3.003 (build 244) and the "new" button is present on the Visor as well. Similarly, the desktop software also says 3.003 (build 244). I downloaded it from the first link that I had posted above. Are you using the Mac version? If so, maybe that is the issue. I am using the Windows version.

    The link on VisorVillage is definitely not to version 3.003 but to 3.001. The PalmGear link appears correct.
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    Got it -- the beta link for Macs was pulling the wrong document. I went in from the main DataViz upgrade website and found the app.

    The typing works great.
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    I am very happy that this version was released. I can finally delete super-slow-to-load take note. The only thing I will miss is takenote's auto-management of making files either memos or docs based on the file size, but that is not worth waiting for its slow performance and nearly 100k size. Thanks dataviz
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    I updated my Documents to Go and it is fantastic. I would have never known about the update if not for your thread and listing of the URL. I am SO grateful!
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    SOrry if i missed this, but I'd like to know how Wordsmith compairs to DTG as far as size goes.

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    As far as I can tell:
    Documents to go:
    84K for the app
    246K for the Sheet to Go app
    246K for the Word to Go app

    340 for app
    (this may, however, not include some of the PRC files for use.

    DTG also includes 2 apps which are "Sheet View" and "Word View" which are much less in memory, but, only allow for the viewing of files.

    hope this helps -- dave
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    Wanted to second pel's thanks for posting the news of the upgrade. For whatever reason, I didn't receive a message from DataViz, and would therefore never have known about it if it weren't for Mr. Vitale. Thanks, eh?

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