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    Obviously we all love to save money, so freeware is always preferred; however, the day eventually comes when we have to spend money to gain some functionality or to enjoy our idle time.

    So what makes a person decide to buy? How do we decide which product to buy? These questions are not easily answered because we all have different needs.

    When we finally bite, we sometimes get some good applications and sometimes we get the bad ones. Sometimes the good one goes beyond what the developer designed the application for. What works for me might not work for you.

    The bad ones are not always bad because of the product but the bad because it did not meet our expectations.

    Finally we all have our wish list. Those applications that we want but haven't taken the leap yet. There are many reasons that we keep us from buying right away. For some it is financial reasons, other seek more information before a purchase and still some are waiting on a bonus feature to seal the deal.

    The Good

    What apps have you purchased that was money well spent? What made it a good buy?

    The Bad

    What apps failed to make the cut? Why did it not fit your need? What improvements, changes or adjustments could the developer make to win you over?

    The Open Options

    What apps are you on the fence with? What do you like about it? What is keeping you from making the leap into a purchase?

    This type of feedback helps the whole palm community. Your thoughts shapes development and decisions.

    Anwser one or all.
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    Couldn't pass this one up:

    The absolute best money I spent on software is on Ultrasoft Money. It has worked flawlesslely from the word go. No resets, no freezes, smooth sync with Microsoft Money. This should be the model for all PalmOS software.

    Another one is 2day. Palm really should have included this with the device. It does everything that is expected, providing a single, concise view of schedules etc. I wish there were more plug-ins for 2day.

    QuickNews is great too... esp the automatic download feature. No resets, it is a robust application for the Palm.

    The above three are the most used software on my Treo.

    The one utility that did not live-up to my expectations, is LudusW. This one never worked properly. And now it's been given-up for good.
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    I like splash money, id and shopper. MMPlayer was just ok (never updated)
    and PocketDVD studio works pretty good. Thats the only stuff I ever paid for and ptunes. Bought that many treo's ago and had a serial number that gives me all the updates forever. That was a good deal.
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    The Good

    Resco Backup has been a treo saver.

    Resco Explorer is a daily used app. I store most critical apps on the card in a non-launchable directory as prc or zips where they can be re-installed. I can manage my whole card. See all alarms. Zip and move files. I can't name it all.

    Bulter was a surprise winner. I just didn't think I would use it. It was loaded but never used. Now I can't live or wake up without it. I love the new features that allow remote locking or data wipes via SMS. The turn radio on at reset and the lock on radio state change ensure that the device locks when it does a sudden reset. Finally the pref saving feature has made losing pref and reg codes a thing of the past (for now).

    On the game side - Ms PACman just gobbled up some cash and well worth it. Ultimate Bowling Fighter gets a lot play from the whole family. Bejeweled 2 made some surprising changes to keep it a winner.

    The BAD

    I have tons of apps that no longer get used for many reasons (little RAM, change in interests, etc) however these are the one that I really want or wanted to use.'s Call Totals and Call History logs just didn't live up to the expectations - plus everything I upgrade my device I have to "prove" I bought it and supply the new device ID. It won't stick around when I go to the 700p or better - not worth the trouble.

    TreoGuard just didn't offer enough stuff that something else wasn't providing.

    Ringo got abandoned as the need for personalized ringers disappeared.

    Call Shield was well loved; however, The phone will lock up on incoming calls. I tried to prove otherwise, but when I turned it back on the problem reappeared. Wish they could fix this.

    The options

    I am looking to get LexSpell so I can spell check memos, emails and other documents on the Treo.

    CMDWay is helpful.and is being considered strongly.
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    I shelled out for Dataviz Passwords Plus - I do worry about having personal data on my laptop and Treo but figure the 128 bit Blowfish they use makes me fairly safe? I googled and never found anyone claiming to have hacked Passwords Plus.
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    The Good

    Adarian's Expense Diary with the companion Microsoft Office plugin is an easy and elegant way to track your travel expenses. Love it. A mighty $16 that is so worth it.

    Chatter. Every time I wrestle with email and Versamail this program comes to the rescue. The user interface is clean. Installation is easy. Back in the old days when I had IMAP email the push feature was fabulous. Now I'm on Exchange Server and unfortunately T-Mo doesn't support push. But Chatter just works. I pray to the almighty wireless Gods nightly that Marc will be able to successfully integrate PIM functionality. I would switch carriers for it.

    The wishful thinking

    I wish there was a good time billing program. I use TEAK but can't really recommend it.
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    The good

    Palmary Clock - mp3 alarms, stopwatch, timers, world time, everything imaginable in a clock program. PalmaryCalc is good too - kitchen sink list of features, the units conversion feature (e.g. megawatts to BTU per hour) is awesome.

    AcidImage - for slide shows, e.g. brag pics of the kids.

    Que (Garmin mapping application for Palm using their GPS 10 bluetooth receiver) - although when you by a GPS 10, you're really paying mainly for the GPS receiver and map database, the Palm applications are very good and really well integrated.

    VoiceDial - training-free calling, contacts lookup, application launcher. Works 98% of the time for me.

    BackupBuddy VFS - a lifesaver many times over

    FileZ - free (so doesn't really fit this thread) but worth more than most commercial file management programs

    SoftReset - tiny free (ditto above comment) app for resetting without pulling off the back cover - very handy!

    MacClean - small app that cleans resource files generated by the Mac when you write to the SD card via a card reader. These files are useless to the Palm but take up a lot of space on the card. MacClean does a search-and-destroy for those files whenever you insert an SD card.

    The bad

    Nothing really that I've spent money on. Trial versions are the bomb. Among my biggest disappointments were ZLauncher - just too many features, just couldn't get what I wanted to do to work.

    On the fence

    MP3 player: I use PocketTunes for mp3 playing, but I still haven't found a skin I like. IMO mOcean has a better interface than any PocketTunes skin but mOcean kept crashing for me. goMP3 should be the go-to app (I love having the album art being displayed - why don't other players do that?) but is just too slow to load when you have a large SD card full of mp3's.

    Launcher: I use LauncherX because it does what I really need (managing apps stored on the SD card) simply, but it would be nice if it had more features. FileZ crushes it on file management tools. I'm still looking for one launcher and file manager tool that does what I want, and does so simply.
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    For me:

    Butler - The alerting functionality is essential for me.
    Palrmary Clock - I have 11 alarms set throughout the week. The 650 is my alarm clock, and daily reminder.
    SplashID - I have about 300 entries in there, mostly obscure work account/passwords

    TomTom - Glue the 650 to the dashboard and now I never get lost.
    Pocket Tunes - Stress relief
    Snappermail - Average day I get 500 emails, some nonsense, most typical but on ocassion some damned important. Consolidating about 6 different accounts.
    Monopoly - When theres no good reading material near the commode.

    mRing - I've never gotten this thing to work properly.
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    Chatter most definitely on the "Good" list

    Features I wish it has was
    1. Sort by "sender". This would help when looking for a particular email.
    2. "Save as" for attachments - would like to click button and be prompted for destination. Like to put docs in one directory, apps in another, PDFs in yet another.
    3. I would like to see the number of emails in the inbox (read and unread numbers).
    Looking for a way to earn additional income? One that allows you to not only market services people use everyday, but the services of the future too? This opportunity provides outstanding earning potential with ongoing training and support. You are in business for yourself but never by yourself. Stop imagining and start living.

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    The Good

    ZLauncher - I couldn't load a third of the programs I have on my Treo without it. And I certainly couldn't organize them properly without its tabs and ability to display icons wherever. Also looks very nice, has a quite capable file manager, undelete capability.

    Life Balance - Keeps me organized with an excellent self-prioritizing todo list. MUCH more than a todo list, but that's what it boils down to.

    Resco Viewer - Excellent viewier of images, very fast, good slide show.

    Splash Shopper - If I don't have a list, I miss stuff, and Splash Shopper can sort by aisle so I can start and walk through aisle by aisle and pick up everything on the first pass without missing anything. Otherwise I always wind up making 4 trips through the store.

    WWCalc - Weight Watchers calc. This is 'hiddenware' as Weight Watchers doesn't want it available, but you can find it around. Helped me lose 30 pounds in 3 months so far, decent interface, good databases.

    AvantGo - Good can reading. Keep me up to date on news, where otherwise I usually hear of things word-of-mouth. Excellent news sources, gas prices, Dilbert (my own feed), etc.

    Palm Fiction - More good can reading.. Excellent etext reader, many many features, but the default settings work fine.

    Billiards - Excellent pool game to occupy some time here and there.

    EarthComber - Free maps, directions, Points of Interest, etc. Works with a GPS or not, lets you find your way to places, or to find a close restaurant, ATM, etc.

    VeriChat - Handles all IM, lets me keep in touch with the wife as we're both busy during the day and can bounce messages as we're free. Much cheaper than the SMS it would require otherwise for us.

    Profiles - Automatic or manual setting of 'all' prefs on the Treo. Get in the car, put it on Car mode (backlight all the way up, sounds all the way up), or Night Car Mode (lights all the way down, sounds all the way up), etc. I wish it could change the network settings, such as between my Bluetooth network and GPRS.

    VolumeCare - I can't hear people on the handset in the car or a noisy environment otherwise, so this is an essential one for me. The handset speaker is just not able to go loud enough otherwise.

    On the fence..

    TreoAlarm - I have it wake me up and update weather daily, but it's very iffy. Sometimes it locks up when ringing the alarm, sometimes it resets the Treo when getting the weather, etc. I like the features and capabilities, but it's just not stable sometimes. Other times it'll work without a blink for weeks.

    HandyAid - Turns off the backlight after a while, leaving the palm on. Saves some battery life, and presumably the backlight as well (although it's probably best not to turn on and off constantly). Only problem is it's not made for the 650. It's very stable, but is missing some functionality, such as some keys don't turn the backlight back on. Otherwise works very well.

    There are more, but I should go to work.. BTW, the above aren't in any sort of order, I just went through my tabs in ZLauncher.
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    PocketTunes Deluxe
    Initiate (launcher)
    Resco Backup

    Good/Not Essential:

    Astraware Sudoku
    Handmark Express
    Volume Care

    Bought but didn't use much:

    TreoGuard (good potential but no updates)
    VoiceNavIt (also good but I tend to use my fingers more than voice. Might try the new version again)
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    Add Verichat to the "Good" category.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus

    On the fence..

    TreoAlarm - I have it wake me up and update weather daily, but it's very iffy. Sometimes it locks up when ringing the alarm, sometimes it resets the Treo when getting the weather, etc. I like the features and capabilities, but it's just not stable sometimes. Other times it'll work without a blink for weeks.
    That feedback is right on time for me, as I was about to shell out a lot of money for the nifty weather feature. Too bad, TreoAlarm is as just as unpredictable as the weather...
    Game over!
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    Only one worth paying for, IMO, is Volumecare.
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    This should probably move to the Palm software section, but...

    The best investment on my Treo, bar none, is Datebk 5. It's so much more versatile than any other calendar I've tried I can't live without it. And I only use a fraction of its features. Anyone who is heavily event driven should give it a try (and spend some time working with it--it does so much you can't figure it all out in a day or two).

    Next in importance is Aardquick. Gives me extremely rapid access to my 10 or 12 most used apps. Much faster even than using Launcher X or ZLauncher.

    Other important apps: SnapperMail - far more reilable than Versamail, lighter and simpler than Chatter.

    Passwords Plus, or some other password manager.

    ZLauncher - makes organizing and accessing less frequently used apps far more pleasant than using the built in launcher, and adds the ability to move apps to the memory card and a serviceable file manager, too.

    BBVFS - Backup to the card

    Butler - nag me about missed calls, voicemail, etc., so I don't overlook them; access my favorites from any screen

    Keycaps - makes typing so much more efficient (and easier)

    KBLights - shut the keyboard lights off to save battery and make the screen easier to read in the dark

    Radio State - after a reset, bring the radio back to it's prior state (turn it on if it WAS on, leave it off if it was off).

    RingerSwitch - Light the LED, and vibrate periodically, if I've muted my phone.

    TreoGuard - primarily for scheduled on-off times for the radio and to prevent alarms from sounding while I'm on a call.

    Profiles - Like Nokia profiles, but on steriods. Name a set of configuration options and easily select by name, by time, or other event (like connecting to charger).

    Without the capabilities offered by the above utilities, I'm not sure I'd keep my Treo.

    Biggest waste? Call Shield and Call Filter. Neither vendor has bothered to keep them updated so they'll work reliably on current hardware.
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    Essential With the exception of PDANet, I use all the aps on my essential list daily. Someone asked why I dont upgrade to the 700P, (I use more features on the 650 than anyone else I work with or know who has a Treo) and I had to think a bit. If someone gave me an upgrade, I'd probably switch, but with what I have now, i have the most stable and useful smartphone I've ever had. I don't know if I'd pay to switch

    Ptunes Deluxe
    Beyond Contacts
    Card Export
    Docs to Go
    Glimmermail (hotmail)

    Mapopolis (Dont travel much Anymore)
    Splash Photo

    Few bad titles - Trials work great and some stuff replaced by existing software with upgrades

    RingoPro (I have a Love/Hate relationship with this ap)

    Essential but FREE
    Check your city, county or state library to see if they provide free audiobooks from netlibrary, or overdrive. Download the book for free and its yours to listen to through pockettunes and Windows mediaplayer for three weeks and it simply stops working. Never an overdue book since you don't have to return them. Not sure if there's a mac version.
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    The Good: CallFilter-bumpy road early on, but has performed flawlessly for months. ZLauncher-does what I need it to do. ePocrates-invaluable reference tool in my profession. The Bad: MobiTV-so disappointing compared to what it could be. Special shout out to PalmaSutra, freeware that has proven to be every bit as helpful as any software.
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    The best money I never had to spend was for TCPMP. It changed the whole way I used my Treo 650.
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    Great - Phone Technician.
    It makes my phone useable with its call volume increase function. IMO it is way easier to use that Volumecare.
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    I just installed a demo of LexSpell after listening to godschoice's PalmLoyal #17 podcast and I am really impressed so far.

    The Good:
    DateBk 3/5/6
    Chatter E-mail
    Resco Backup

    The Bad:
    Can't remember since they are no longer on my Treo

    On the Fence:
    Currently LexSpell but this could quickly become a "Good"
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