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    I am on the fence too with LexSpell; I will be getting this week. I was waiting until all of my demo spelling corrections were done.

    Thanks for checking out the podcast. I did the first Videocast for show #17. It is a little raw. Will have equipment and knowledge of software to make the next one better.
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    I usually listen to the podcast on the train or in the car, but I did checkout the videocast for #17. I think the video format is really good for software reviews. Thanks for putting the effort in as I enjoy your show.

    So I assume you are happy with LexSpell since you'll be buying it when your demo is up? Have you come across any issues with it since the podcast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers View Post
    The Good

    Adarian's Expense Diary with the companion Microsoft Office plugin is an easy and elegant way to track your travel expenses. Love it. A mighty $16 that is so worth it.

    Chatter. Every time I wrestle with email and Versamail this program comes to the rescue. The user interface is clean. Installation is easy. Back in the old days when I had IMAP email the push feature was fabulous. Now I'm on Exchange Server and unfortunately T-Mo doesn't support push. But Chatter just works. I pray to the almighty wireless Gods nightly that Marc will be able to successfully integrate PIM functionality. I would switch carriers for it.

    The wishful thinking

    I wish there was a good time billing program. I use TEAK but can't really recommend it.

    Try this for time tracking I LOVE IT...and he is working on a new program that will even let you creat invoices and PRINT them....
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