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    I ran a speedtest using Speakeasys java speedtest site and my Sprint Treo 700p via Bluetooth and DUN.

    I got around 450 kbps down and 65 kbps up.

    Screen shot of results are in a post here.
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    I was in the United Airline Red Carpet Club today and I was seeing down speed streaming from my sling player as high as 500kps which means my DUN speed had to be over 600kps down. It also went as low as 150kps so there is a lot of variance in the speed over time, but this was over the course of 2 hours. This was also with a Sprint 700p.
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    Since updating the PRL in Los Angeles EVDO has gotten noticably quicker and I have 5 bars all the time where I had 2 bars before.

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