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    Hi everyone,

    I've enjoyed my Treo for almost a year. It's awesome!!! I want to try to do some audio and video stuff that so many of you do and seemingly enjoy very much! What apps. do you recommend and how would I stream or download XM radio or actual radio stations or even songs??? And what could I do on the video side? Watch live TV? A particular channel? I still keep finding out more and more things that this baby can do and it is just stunning!
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    Assuming you have a 650...PocketTunes deluxe for shoutcast/mp3 streaming is great.

    Not much in the way of video streaming other than MobiTV I don't think. But check out TCPMP for watching converted videos (movies/tv etc) on you SD card (many options for conversion, some free some not)
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    hmmm trying to stream video with a 650 would be brutal, i dont think the badwidth of the 650 would make it a nice experience, but pocketunes delux will stream shoutcast at a low bandwidth is not too bad, i used to doit all the time when i had my 650, now with the 700p i dont have that problem.
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    if you want to stream video, use ORB that should work fine on the treo. i have used it on all my multimedia sprint phones (except the treo, because i never got the chance to use it) and it works great... especially on my EV-DO LG Fusic.

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