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    The official definition of bluetooth 2.0 says it boasts a 3 to 10 time increase in data rate transfer and lower power consumption among other advancements over 1.2.

    So why do people report a 1.5 second to 3 second lag in connection for the bluetooth 2.0 Plantronics 655 when pairing with the treo 650? Why does the 655 only have 3.5 hours of talk time as opposed to the Jabra jx10 (a bluetooth 1.2 unit that has 6 hours of talk time)?

    Are there bluetooth 2.0 units that actually capitalize on the supposed advancements in the technology?
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    The treo doesn't support bluetooth 2.0
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    Everyone knows the 650 doesn't support bluetooth 2.0. Bluetooth 2.0 is backwards compatible so it is compatible with any bluetooth phone.

    My questions was why a bluetooth device such as the Plantronics 655 has such little talk time when that is supposed to be one of the major enhancements that bluetooth 2.0 has over bluetooth 1.2.

    My other question was why there is lag time on the Plantronics 655 (bluetooth 2.0) when there isn't as much lag time on the Jabra JX10 (bluetooth 1.2).

    The difference in performance between the two devices is because of their design, so I want to know at what point does the supposed advance in the bluetooth technology make a difference in the real world implimentation of the technology.
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    One other advantage of Bluetooth 2.0 over 1.x is multipoint. 2.0 devices can bond with more than one device. This is really cool for headsets because you can use them with two things, like a cell phone and laptop (for Skype).

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    Plantronics headsets just have lag. Their BT isn't that compatible with the Treo BT. Just remember that even though two different headsets have the same BT (1.1, 1.2, 2.0), it doesn't mean that they have the same BT stack.

    The JX10 is one of the best Treo headsets because it plays well with the Treo BT.
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    I think you will only get the benefits of increased talk time and better data rate when both the headset and handset are bluetooth 2.0.

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