I just "road-tested" the Link headset from SkullCandy. It's got standard earbuds and inline volume control plus the ability to answer phone calls. The big item with it is that stemming from the volume control are two cords -- one with a 2.5 jack and one with a 3.5 jack. Now, I can plug in to my phone and listen to MP3's and/or take calls AND I can simultaneously plug in to another device, in my case, my XM SkyFi2 satellite receiver -- but it could be an iPod or any other portable device. The only problem I have is that the inline volume control doesn't work with my Treo 650 for some reason, but other than that, it is a life saver on road trips where my 4 yr old and 19 mos old monopolize the stereo with their DVD's and CD's. Now I can be in my own happy little world with my MP3s, outstanding XM music selection and still be able to easily use my phone. It's worth trying out, and was only around $30.