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    I am a little confused and hoping someone can clarify a few things for me.

    I would like to uninstall a few programs that came with my Treo 700p
    My Treo

    Do I need to create a "custon ROM" to do this?
    Or can I just use something to delete them?

    Will the reclaimed memory be user accessible?

    Second: Does one need to use a "launcher" to hide the icons of unused programs?
    I want my programs list to be less cluttered, so I can access my frequently used programs faster. I have many setup as hardkey shortcuts, but still would like this option as well.

    Thank you for your time and help.
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    There are some apps. that can hide icons such as SharkROM, Obfuscate, and I think one called Invisible. These can be used w/ any launcher. Some launchers have a feature to hide icons, but only w/in that launcher. I think ZLauncher does this.

    Shadowmite is working on a ROM tool for the 700P so we can customize the ROM. To remove those apps. you would need a ROM tool to remove them from ROM. Removing them only frees up space in the ROM and gives you slightly more dbcache. It does not create extra storage space or space for apps. to run.
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    I didn't know Verichat came with the treo. Anyway, try deleting them. If they don't go anywhere, they are in ROM and cannot be erased absent a custom rom. On the other hand, at least they aren't taking up any RAM.
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    Sorry i mis spoke. Verichat does not come with the Treo. I was thinking of wireless sync.

    Does having a larger "dbcache" assist in system performance?

    My understading, if correct, it that PALM's OS executes in the free RAM area. I was hoping uninstalling programs from the ROM would make more space for this, it appears this is not the case.
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    There was much debate on this awhile ago, but yes have more available space in ROM helps in terms of dbcache, which SHOULD help in system performance.
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