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    I just got my first PQI 4GB SD card today and only 10% of the time would my Mac or Windows laptops recognize the card; the Treo completely refuses to acknowledge its existence either when inserted. I'll probably need to exchange this one, but this experience makes me question the reliability of the company's products in the future.
    I just returned my 4GB PQI to NewEgg. The Transcend 4GB card was $56 after a $30 rebate there (yesterday) just in case you can return it. These seem somewhat more stable from what I have been able to observe. However, none of these cards seem completely stable to me. The Transcend card disappeared for a while on me today (after running Resco Backup) and I was able to get it back after about five soft resets.
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    I'm getting so sick of my 4GB PQI card that I finally ordered some different ones. This d@mn PQI card is not recognized by my 700p at least half the time.

    Check out:

    The price is even lower at NewEgg, and with free normal shipping too.

    I've read plenty of good reviews on Ridata memory cards, both for Secure Digital and Compact Flash format. I use both formats myself, so I got both Ridata SD and CF cards.

    The Ridata 4GB SD 150x speed cards are running for about $73.00 and less. I will get this tomorrow by FedEx. Can't wait to check it out.

    I'm gonna stick my PQI card into my pocket digital camera and let it rot there! I'm embarrassed to tell anyone how much I paid for this stupid card. $250.00...choke, gag, ack !!!!

    I bought the PQi card from an overpriced local camera store earlier this year, because I desperately needed it for my digital camera for shooting long videos clips. The card served its purpose at the time, even though I knew it was overpriced...especially nowadays.
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