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    Hi everybody,

    I recently purchased a 4 gig SD card for my treo650. I have cingular which I had unlocked previously. After doing search on this site , I found a way to unbrand the phone and later installed the custom rom from this link

    Cust 2- Stripped of Tutorial, Real +++Fat32 added+++

    Everything went smoothly. Treo is recognizing the SD card now and I belive it shows it as 3.75 GB . I am able to copy programs from phone to card but not able to write anything on the card when I sync it with my desktop. I get "memory card is full " error. I have Patriot card

    can someone help please.

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    Can you write to it from the phone itself? It could just be that the desktop software only checks the size of the card and not if it is actually writable.

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    yes i can write on it from the phone
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    Okay that's a start, so you know that it's not the SD card. Now check to see if you can write to the card from the phone past 2GB. If you can do that, then it's the desktop software.

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    how can I write more than 2gb from phone to has memory of 24 gb...
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    You move x.xx MB at a time.

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    that probably wasnt the best solution...but I appreciate ur time and effort.

    I decided to give bluetooth hotsync a try and that worked!!

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