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    Whenever i dial customer service using *2 and then end the call, the Phone turns off for like 10 seconds, the phone freezes, and then the phone turns back on. Whats causing this? I did a hard reset, but it still did that....any suggestionsn?
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    yeah I'm experiencing this problem too. But I realized that it didnt start happening until I called and had my account flagged for the PRL update. My update has yet to "STICK" so it might go away when it does. IDK????
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    what is PRL update?
    I have never called for any started doing it out of nowhere...:/
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    if you read through the site you will see that the *2 issue has been talked about a lot. it has nothing to do with the prl update and it is a known issue. I take it you have sprint just call and ask for a prl it is for roaming to keep you connected to the best tower
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    It started doing it right out of the box for me...I just got used to it.
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