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    I haven't been able to connect since yesterday morning. Is anyone else having problems?
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    All set here...

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    i haven't been about to connect since yesterday morning either.. do they even know something is wrong? :S
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    Try resetting? Working fine here.

    The bigger question is, do they care something is wrong?
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    verichat seems to be online for me but has anyone been able to get the verichat currency bot to work? all I get are syntax error messages.
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    And tonight the Verichat servers seem to be down for me.
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    I'm down...haven't been able to connect all day...yet my brother and my wife are both fine. We all live in Southern California. 2 days ago a friend of mine here in So Cal said he was down (while I was up), and yesterday a friend in Dallas reported being down (while I was up), but now it's struck me.
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    Just as mysteriously...I am now fully operational on Verichat.
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    same here.. back in action after several days downtime
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    Mine started to work today after 3-4 days of being down. I wonder how long till it goes down again.
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    I was having problems but its fixed now.
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    It died again for me...this is rotten.
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    It died on me again today. Verichat is beginning to become garbage now for me. I have to carry toccer as a backup.
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    I'm also down again.
    has anyone heard a word from their support?
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    I deleted verichat for good. it not only became increasingly unreliable, but also caused resets constantly. I think verichat's quality has disintegrated considerably.
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    Came back alive at around 10:00pm California time.
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    dead again right now...12:30 pm California time...It appears to die every day during the afternoon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by firstbeat View Post
    dead again right now...12:30 pm California time...It appears to die every day during the afternoon!
    Your right, after the disconnection issues for a couple of days weeks ago, it seems that the servers are down everyday in the late afternoon these days.
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    I haven't been able to connect in about a week. I emailed their support but have received no reply. Any recommendations for a substitute? I really liked the bot feature.
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    Causerie's one and it has bots as well (although I don't use em)
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