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    I am aware that there are in excess of 450 threads about applications, (I think I read most of them!), but most seem to cover Palms in general or if it covers the Treo many are for the 650.
    I just got a 700p (used the m500 for years) and am looking for a few applications to do the following (hopefully free!):

    * Button changer. I tried ButtonsEX, but it doesn't seem to work with the 700p. I'd like to configure the buttons so that a tap loads one application, a press launches another and a hold launches a third. Does anyone know if one is compatible with the 700p
    * Dictionary. I used to use Noah Lite, but I don't think it is compatible. Are there any free dictionaries out there (I don't think I'd have trouble finding a pay version
    * Linking program. I used a program called MegaWiki, but I don't think it works with the 700p. Any easy to use ones?

    Again, I am sorry if I am asking a question that can be found in any of the 450 threads, but so many of them predate the 700 that it is of no use to see links and recommendations for incompatible programs. Thanks!
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    The second one is easy... Noah Pro is now free and works great on my 700p. The thesaurus is free also.

    Unfortunately, the company went out of business, so grab it while you can. Sad to see because they did offer that nice free version of Noah, and it was very kind of them to offer the programs to the community now also. I wish more companies were so thoughtful about their exit strategy. I just hope that they have great success in any future endeavors!

    For the link program, you seem to mean wiki like this...
    Don't know if it's compatible, but it seems likely. But not cheap.

    If you're lucky, this older program might work...

    But like you say, Megawiki is probably not 5.0 compatible according to the old "something I read somewhere"!

    You can always look here for some compatibility answers...

    There's another list out there also, but I can't remember where.
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    LudusP for a button changer. It's great
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    thank you both!

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