Stingrey, if you are out there I would like your help. (I tried to email you offline but it's not allowed.)

I saw your post, since closed, about Showtimes on the 700p. I could never get it to run on my 650. Can you please let me know how you got it to run on the 700p?

Here is the post I wrote a while back explaining the problems I'm having/have had. BOY DO I MISS THIS PROGRAM. So simple and useful.

Thanks in advance for any help. You can click on my name and email me if that's easier.
I wrote this post for another users group, but have not received a response.

I recently upgraded from a Samsung i500 to a Treo 650. The program
with it's Windows conduit worked flawlessly on the i500. It does not
work on the Treo. Well, I mean that no matter what I do or change or
configure, the program will not copy the files to a place where the
Treo can install them. I've tried changing the "getdata.cfg" file to
write the necessary files to the Quick Install tool folder. That
doesn't work, nor does it work to write them to the Install folder.
I've done clean install after clean install.

I'm at a loss. Does anyone use the program? If so has anyone been
successful in getting it to run on the Treo?

Any help would be appreciated! I love this program because of it's
simplicity. For me, it is much easier that surfing the web to check a
movie time.