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    Originally posted at forum:

    hi Marc,

    have had chatter for 6 months appx, upgraded to v 2.0.x about 2months ago. no other changes to Chatter or Palm treo 650 sprint since.

    Chatter is making the phone reset if I try to display chatter. after the 650 reboots, iit auto connects to vision, I get email waiting alert on my screen.

    if I click the alert or hit the mail button, instant reboot. it reboots 100% of the last 10-12 times attempted.

    I can't get you logs sice I can't get into Chatter, but ##733 (?) gives me this message:

    last crash caused by chatter.
    miscforms.c line:2062
    out of memory.

    I was under 1M available, but moved pics & movies to my 1GB card - and not have over 12MB free. my 1GB card has round 800MB free, & I think I had Chatter set to save to card.

    Chatter imaps to 4 imap boxes of mine.

    if it's relevant, my webhost made an 'upgrade' this past weekend that made one of my imap boxes reload headers again. each mail item apparently now has a date & time that is Saturday night. that box has around 4000 emails, but since I have the show only 14 days option set, I usually only see around 200. chatter did eventually redownload them all on Tuesday, I was able to view them for 12 hours before the reboots started coming around.

    any suggestions? I am open to backing up the device & full reset if you think it best.

    thanks for your help Marc!
    -WC- from treocentral
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    Some part of memory is low, but it might not be what you think. It could be dbCache or dynamic heap; use "mem" in the Console to see...

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    thanks Marc,

    the mem command is done in the 'Chatter' console, right? because I can't get into chatter in any of the ways I know how to - it crashes the phone good each and every time.

    is there another console or means to get to where you want mw to 'mem' wihout going into Chatter?

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    Go into Chatter with the radio OFF and try. Yes, it's in the Console in Chatter.

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    hi Marc,

    turned the radio off & the phone still crashed when going into chatter.

    note that after each reboot, somwthing (presumably chatter) starts the vision connect. I get the alert that I have mail waiting. but any attempt to view those messages kills the phone & reboots it.

    any other ideas?
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    Sounds like memory is corrupted to me. Are you using SD card Mailboxes? If so, I'd wipe out the entire Chatter installation from the launcher, then get the latest ChatterEmail and start it up...

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    hi Marc,

    With filez, I del'd the mailboxes from the SD card (yes, I had settings set to save mail to ext card).

    can you briefly explain what you mean by using launcher to delete chatter?

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    Ouch. I'm sorry, I meant to delete everything from MEMORY, not the SD card; I can see where what I said might be confusing. The idea was to restore everything from the memory card!

    Do you have a backup of your SD card? If not, your messages are gone and you should just remove the Chatter installation from the Treo. The launcher is the place that the home button takes you.


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    no problem Marc,

    I have just imap accounts & don't really care if the treo sent mail is gone. nothing impoertant is gone.

    I will try to remove it from the launcher.

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    To touch base on this issue, it was solved with removing chatter from launcher, and then reinstalling with an OTA install at

    Amazing product Marc!

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