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    OK so I downloaded and using this great program called Monthplanner (at the suggestion of you guys). The program says to go to PalmGear to register it, but palm gear gives the following message:

    The program was last updated in June 2006 and can be found here:

    How do I get this program registered and/or does anybody have any helpful links/files?

    I am more than willing to pay for this but can't find anybody to accept money! Thanks!
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    bump-I love this app too!
    Sure would like to purchase it if only I could find out where!
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    I don't have MonthlyPlanner on board anymore but I believe that under the help menu - the author provides his email address - my guess he'll accept paypal as I believe he is based in HongKong or China and didn't want to deal with US tax laws?

    EDIT: perhaps you can register here:
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