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    I currently have a windshield mount for my T650 where I use my TomTom, PTunes (through cassette adapter), and try to manage calls. I would like to just use the speakerphone when I get a call but the quality is so bad, no one can understand what I'm saying (I know I have to uplug the cassette adapter when the call comes in). I'm pretty sure I have the newest firmware so upgrading really isn't an option. I have looked into the 2 in 1 adapter by Seidio but from what I have read, the mic quality is not that good unless the thing is right by your mouth. Does anyone else know of any solutions for simultaneous speakerphone/ptunes use. The only other option I can think of is to just get a bluetooth speakerphone or headset.
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    Speakerphone on Treo's sux. I had numerous T600s and now a T650 all with either echo or bad quality using the speakerphone. Bluetooth headset is the way to go.

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